Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Thursday Five

I normally don't do a Thursday Thankful Five, or Five Thursday Thanks, or Thankful Five Thursday, or, or, or, you know what I mean. But I've been reading Kristin's and Dawn's lately and I decided that it's time I give it a try. I'm so very, very thankful for the things in my life, so why not put it on paper the screen.

So here are the Five Things that make me






1. My precious, wonderful husband, WM, who provides for us and gives us a stable, loving home. My three little kiddos, who by all means are not perfect, but they are perfect to me (wrestling matches, screaming feuds, dirty diapers and all). Love them.

2. That I get to stay home with my kiddos. I'm thankful to get to spend my days looking at them instead of a computer screen and office supplies.

3. My daughter's school and our church (which go together). Besides the top notch education she (and eventually Patrick and Josie) receives at school, I'm thankful that our faith and God is interwoven into everything they do. I'm especially thankful for the new friends that I have gained this year through my daughter's class. I'm so blessed to have these women in my life and I know that we will be lifelong friends (you know how you just know, something just feels right about the friendship? That's what's going on with this group of friends).

4. The little vacation that WM and I have coming up to Pebble Beach, CA. Without kids! Yikes! I'm thankful to be able to just get to hang out with my hubs without the constant interruptions. (and I will be especially thankful if our Florida family vacation doesn't have to be cancelled later this summer).

5. And mostly, I'm thankful for my faith in God and what He has provided me. He will never leave me and even when I'm feeling alone and at my wits end, I know that God is there with me.

I'll try to do some more of these Thankful Thursday things because I think it's important to remember to be thankful, even if for the small things, in our lives.

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