Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Trip to the U.S. Open/Monterey

As I said in my last post, WM and I recently went to California to go to the U.S. Open (won by an Irishman, thankyouverymuch!) and I told you I'd do a post on it. So to keep you from being bored to tears, I'll just give you a few pics from our trip. First off, please note there are no photos from Pebble Beach, that's because cell phones and cameras aren't allowed on the golf course during the tournament, so I can't show the the breathtaking views from Pebble or how close I got to A LOT of the golfers--including (barf) Tiger Woods--whom I wanted to flick his ear as he walked by and mumble "jerk" under my breath, but I used my manners and smiled and did a polite nod. WM and I found a great spot to stand and were about 1' from the players as they made their way to the #3 tee box. Seriously, we were close enough I could have given each one a swat on the bottom as they passed by. But I didn't.

Anyway, Pebble was's a stock photo of #7...
The view from our hotel room of Monterey Bay (we stayed in Monterey).
Sunset at Carmel-by-the-Sea. Beautiful (my photo doesn't give it justice).
Half Moon Bay.
Lighthouse at Half Moon Bay.
Jeff Clark's Surf Shop (if you don't know who Jeff Clark is, Google him, I won't explain here).
Mavericks (a famous surf spot--dang it, that would be coooooold water to surf in).
These cool dinosaur sculptures we saw along the roadside.
WM fighting a spinosaurus. My Patrick flipped his lid when he saw this pic (remember, he's a preschool paleontologist).
Entrance to Stanford University. Beautiful, go there if you're in Palo Alto, Ca.
I don't know. This was on my camera when I downloaded the photos from our trip. She's wack!
We had a wonderful time. My only complain was that it was really quite chilly out there. The warmest it got was our first day there...a whopping 65°, most of the time it was in the mid to upper 50's. It was beautiful though. If you haven't been to the Monterey Bay area, you should go (though I hear the best weather is in Sept/Oct).


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I'm so glad you got to go.

Tiger is still a great golfer but I wonder what it feels like for the whole world to know that he is a jerk. I don't think he learned a thing.

♥Georgie♥ said...

I loved your photos!!! That last one is priceless!!!

Anonymous said...