Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Paper Dolls

Who needs to buy those sissy, baby paper dolls...
When your mom has a subscription to InStyle magazine?
My Katie will spend hours doing this. She cuts out the girls, then flips through the magazine and cuts out the dresses and shoes and purses and other fashionable things and then tapes the outfits onto the girls. She loves doing it and she also stops along the way to check out the make up, nail polishes, hair products...she always has comments on which dresses look nice and which ones she doesn't like "at all." It's really quite funny coming from a 6-year-old. I swear that I don't talk to her about this stuff. She sees me looking through the magazine, but I don't tell her that girls should dress like this or that or wear make up, etc. She just loves's part of what she's made of. I don't mind, but along the way I remind her that she is beautiful no matter what. case you're wondering...she's never once asked to try on my make up (painting her toe nails has been her only request) or get her ears pierced (which is not allowed until she's 13 years old).

Go ahead and play paper dolls, my sweet girl...cut up mommy's magazines...dream of wearing beautiful clothes and sparkly jewelry...but stay my 'little girl.'

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Your daughter has a very cool pastime. She is learning a lot and is not having her brain turned to mush by video games, bakugan, and sponge bob square pants.