Monday, January 12, 2009

3 Year Old vs. Mommy

See this little guy...
He's 3, well really he's 3 1/2, but who's counting (actually he is).  Don't let that cute, angelic little face fool ya...he's the world's biggest pill!  I remember when Katie was 3 and I was pulling my hair out, my dear friend, Susie, told me that 3 is harder than 2.  And it sure is.  But this little dude has taken it to a new level. 

He's been trying out some choice words such as (this is just one example)...
Me:  Where's the TV thing?
Him:  where's the d%*& remote?
Me:  WHAT?????
Him:  (gives me his cute smile)
Us:  (off we go to wash his mouth out with soap)

He's wearing us out.  His 3-year-old-ness is way worse than Katie's ever was...WAY worse.

He argues about everything, and I mean everything...what cereal he's going to eat, what he's going to wear, whether he's going to brush his teeth, etc., etc.

We had a battle of the wills in the Starbucks parking lot this afternoon.  I'm sure the Starbucks people thought something was wrong with us.  But I wasn't moving my car one inch until he buckled up the right way.  The seatbelt issue is one of our biggest sources of argument.  I won that battle, but he put up a good fight.  We sat in that parking lot for a good 25-30 minutes--I turned off the car and patiently sat there and messed with my iPhone while he ranted and raved about how "I'M NOT GOING TO BUCKLE UP" (which he did in the end).  Good thing Baby Lam was snoozing, she may not have been so patient with just sitting in the car--going nowhere.

So I need some more mama help--what do I do with this little guy?  The problem is he turns on his charm, too.  All the time he's saying "I'm your boy, right?"  And boy, do I love that little guy, he's so darn cute and such a mommy's boy, but I'm so frustrated with his behavior.  I know it's just a phase, but how do I get the arguing to stop?  Help me!

P.S.  He's also the world's worst back seat driver.


MommaAmma said...

Oh we are soooo in the same SUV on this one! The back talk and arguing is more than we can handle! I read in Parents that kids are worse from the half birthday to the annual birthday but I've counted, it's been 8 days since B turned 4 and he is still very mouthy! (Yes, it's that bad.) Wish I could help!

nick04 said...

I think Caleb and Patrick may somehow be brothers.

Baloney said...

I so agree with the 2nd half of the year theory. I've always said that with my boys. Three is hard but 5 is HARD. At least we can go to restaurants now, though.
Good luck.
You are having fights over control. This is Jacob's biggest issue as well. I assume he will be a total rebel as a teen and it scares me to death. Get your bluff in now. Stick to yer guns on the important stuff. I think the trick is to pick your battles.