Monday, January 19, 2009

Photography and a 3-Year-Old, Lesson #1

I have lots of cute pictures of my girls.  Well..."lots" might be a bit of an exaggeration.  Let's just say I have some.  But lately I've been on a quest to get some pictures of my little guy.  I need more pictures of my boy!  He's just as cute as can be and really sweet and cute. But just as soon as I get out my camera he starts ripping around the house thinking it's a game to dodge me.  It reminds me a little bit of Sally (our puppy) when she has something in her mouth that she's not supposed to have and I'm chasing her down and she's darting in and out and jumping to and fro.  Patrick and Sally are a lot alike in some ways.

Tonight I decided to make another go of it.  Patrick was dressed fairly decent and in an agreeable mood, so I decided to seize the moment. I casually picked up the camera and took a few shots of the girls to make him think I was taking pictures of them.  And just as I turned to him...he took off like a running back for the end zone...dodgin' and dartin'...dippin' and divin'...the whole time with a big smile and a cackling laugh.

The game was on.

Here's what I got:

"Ha--I'm outta here!"

"You can't catch me!" (notice how he thinks this game is funny--I, on the other hand, did NOT think it was very funny).

This is probably my favorite...I was actually taking a photo of Katie and he was darting in and out of the background laughing--totally teasing me.
I've decided I need to, a). get one of those fancy high speed lenses or b). give up.

Should I just give up?

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Baloney said...

Take pictures in the car - when he is strapped in and has nowhere to go.
Playground is a good place. Too busy playing to run from the camera.