Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm Really Tryin', People

I'm really trying to keep the blog current, I really am.  And I'm really failing.  I have many things to tell about, but like I said before I just can't get my thoughts organized.  Here are what I believe are the culprits of my mangled brain:

1.  Lack of sleep.  I'm not talking about 1 or 2 day (or even weeks) of dealing with sick kids or a baby going through a phase.  No, I'm talking moooooonths of not having a full night of sleep.  Actually it's probably years, but who's counting? The Three Little Lams have sleeping issues...and it's catching up with mama.  Speaking of sick kids...

2.  Sick kids.  The tummy bug made it's way through our family over the Christmas break.  And now the gunky cough, cold, mookie nose is sneaking up on us. 

3.  Work.  It's crazy at my other job (my St. John job).  I can somewhat blame myself that I took a mental break over the holidays, but also we're just plain busy and I feel like a spinning top when I'm there.

There are a whole lot of other reasons and I could go on and on, but I won't.  I don't want to bore you people with my stories about how laundry has consumed my home and how I can't even remember the last time I cooked a "real" meal for my family (not the 'heat and serve' variety).  I mean, I do have 2 of you readers left, I'd like to keep you around, too.  But, I really want someone to leave something in the 'comments' section that will tell me how to organize my thoughts and, ultimately, my life.  I have to admit that "organize myself" never was even considered as a New Years Resolution. I knew that was NOT realistic.  But I think I've been running around willy nilly for long enough, I need to get things organized before I lose track of something really important. :)

Will someone please tell me how to organize myself?

Oh--and tomorrow I'll tell you all about my (already broken) New Year's resolutions.  And how my favorite baby lotion went and changed it's formula--without asking ME!

Ooooo....and one more thing....I need someone out there reading this to tell me how to get rid of these cramps that I get in my feet every night.  And don't tell me to quit wearing high heels, I won't, just tell me what to do about these foot cramps.  OUCH--they really hurt!


MommaAmma said...

Hmm. I can't help. I can make you feel better though! I feel like I'm bogged DOWN so I decided I'm going to take a tiny bit of time each night organizing my house one room at a time. It might make me tackle cleaning easier. It might clear my mind. I'll let you know if ever I accomplish this and if it helps.

As for your blog, I tried to change my template and I'm a fool with this stuff. I can't make this thing look interesting. It's just a diary at this point.

As for your cramps, take 4 muscle relaxers and a shot of Patron. I'm joking! That would help with the sleep thing too though...
I saw Yoga Toes (gelly things that go between your toes) in the back of a magazing for $40 but just the other day I saw them at the pharmacy for $10 by the egg foot shaver things. I'll buy those and let you know if it helps.

See how I just added 2 to do items in as many minutes? Don't take advise from me!

Baloney said...

Apparently there are a lot of us feeling overwhelmed right now. I finally shared that with some pals and it has been a revelation - we are ALL feeling it.
There are some FREE blog skins you can download (it's what I did) so google that.
Take care of your feet. When you are home wear comfy and supportive shoes. Aren't bananas supposed to help with cramps? I don't know...
Organizing. Sit down and make a list of things you need to get done. THEN prioritize your list. Then set yourself a goal (realistic one) for how to tackle the list (get one thing done a day?!). Cross em off as you go. When it's in writing it is easier.
Lastly, you have GOT to get this sleeping thing under control. It's no way to live and truly bad for your kids long term to have those sleeping habits. Make that your #1 goal this year to tackle. Sounds easy but I know it isn't. See if a positive rewards chart (sticker for every night they don't wake you up - certain number of stickers gets a tret or special outing for your older kids).
Might work. Maybe you've tried it already.

TINAinTULSA said...

Forget trying to get rid of those cramps... but when they wake you up, pinch/squeeze together that little area right above your upper lip. Sounds weird but it seems to work for me. (Kind of like rubbing your tongue on the roof of your mouth to get rid of brain freeze?)And I'll never give up heels either!