Friday, January 9, 2009

Get Blog A New Look....Check!

Thanks to the Brilliant Baloney, I have a new look to my blog. That was one of my goals for this year ("goals"...not "New Year Resolutions").

So here it is. Tell me honestly, what do you think? I can try something different if it makes you want to puke. But seriously, if you felt like puking you probably liked the Pepto pink thing I had up for a couple days. I love pink, but even that was too much for me!

I've got a little tweaking to do, but for now, just enjoy...look at the the blog...make a wish!

Happy Friday!

1 comment:

Baloney said...

Lookin' good! I think if YOU like it then that is all that matters. Thanks for calling me brilliant. :)
I'm pretty sure that I just cut a corner for you by passing on a link someone sent to me. Haha.