Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm So Sorry this Post is so Random...Bear with me.

We've been out of town for the long weekend. That's why there's been nothin' new. Just a bunch of nothin' for you all who have been anxiously checking my blog for the past 5 days.



But I didn't think it would be real wise to put it out there for the whole world to see that we were going to be gone.

"Hey--weirdo, freaky, thief guy--come rob my house...we're going to be out of town." Not wise, I tell ya, not wise.

But I'm back and now your lives can get back on track. (Just kidding, I would never give myself that kind of credit. That the absence of timely posts on my little blog would throw anyone's lives off track). I'm just babbling now because my mind is running amok. Summer is officially here...school is out and I have a lot on my mind. I trouble organizing my thoughts. If you've ever talked to me in person you know that.

Ok--you know what. I actually had a real, true live, important subject to blog about today, but now my mind is all whirly and I can't get it written. It had to do with Katie's new Kindergarten roster that we got in the mail. ALREADY! Katie's school is very efficient and on the ball. The last day of school was Friday and we received the list on Saturday (at least I assume it was Saturday...like I said we were out of town, but mail doesn't come on Sunday or Memorial Day so it had to be Saturday). Anyway, we got the list and it kind of felt like a punch in the gut. Maybe it was the first time reality was setting in about Katie doing Kindergarten again, maybe it was because her name wasn't on Mrs. Beers list and it seems weird that Katie's not one of her students (which we knew because she had Mrs. Beers last year and we thought it would be better for her to have the other, sweet Kinder teacher), maybe it was because the only little girls that we know are in the other class. Maybe it was just me having to be comfortable with the unknown and stepping out of my nice, safe, comfort zone. But for some reason, I just sat there and looked at that list, in disbelief.

But you know what....

...it's going to be okay. And Katie is going to do great. And we're going to have a great year making new friends and relearning the norm.

It's going to be fine. Really, it is.

(that's just me talking myself out of my 'worry zone'--thanks for patiently listening).

Good grief--thanks for putting up with my nonsense today. I'm just a wee bit scattered today.

Tomorrow will be better--remember, it's What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday! I've got a good one comin'!

Have a happy Tuesday.

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Baloney said...

Michael's teacher thinks repeaters should always have a new teacher. We were just talking on that subject last week.
Hope you enjoyed your time away!