Saturday, May 2, 2009

The King of Rock 'n Roll

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Geesh--I get side tracked easily.  

Anyway--if you follow me, you'll know that my very insane and irrational husband, known as WM (Weather Man for you newbies--he loves this tornadic time of year, by the way), bought an electric guitar off eBay.  It arrived this week and my life has not been the same since.

This was about 5 minutes after we opened the box...we did NOT show him how to do this.

There's a new King of Rock 'n Roll in town, boys.

Oh--and just as a side note...the guitar arrived on the same day that Katie was wearing her sunglasses in the car and I said "why do you have your sunglasses on, sweetie, it's a rainy, cloudy day?"  And she said:

"Because I'm a superstar.  And you're my drive me where I want to go."

"Superstar" and a guitar on the same day--coincidence?  


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MommaAmma said...

A glimpse into the teen years...
WM should know musical instruments and loud obnoxious toys all stay at the grandparents house!