Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The ABC Journal

You might have read the post title and thought "oh, goody, another look into Katie's Journal" (which, again, I honestly do feel a little bit guilty about reading and then thinking it was funny enough to take photos of and blog about...but she's only 5, she'll understand. If you haven't read the previous Journal posts, click HERE and HERE).

Today's look into the mind of 5-year-old comes courtesy of her school.

Yesterday Katie brought home her A-B-C Journal from school. They've done all the letters so the journal was sent home. After she went to bed I went through it and was cracking up, but pretty impressed at some of her spelling attempts. She's a funny gal, and quite creative. Here are some of the highlights of her Journal.

In the world according to Katie, dogs are hatched from eggs...
WM and I had to laugh at this one...I DON'T walk the dogs. I love them, I feed them, I play with them, I even bathe them, but I don't walk them. Unless you ask Katie...she apparently thinks I do.Here is what she would wish for...a "rumbo." You and I know this item as a "rainbow." I love that everyone is wearing their prince/princess capes as they dance across the "rumbo"--everyone except me.

Yes, Katie, what are you doing under the house??? (or as she spelled it--'hais')
Katie seems to really like "Brokcley, chez." I like Chez-Its (or is it Cheez-Its)? I had to include this one because in this family portrait...I'm the only one wearing shoes. Katie knows her mommy and knows how I love shoes...check out the size of my feet, though. Whoa! This is my favorite one of all. Katie's favorite dinner:
Spedgedeey.That's actually true...she does love herself some spedgedeey.

Peace, love and a rainy day to you to (if you're reading from what will soon be The Tropical Rain Forest of NE Oklahoma).

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MommaAmma said...

I love seeing these! It's so fun to peek into what they are thinking when they are away from you.

What a sweet teacher to mark all those little notes.