Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of you!

I love Easter!  I love Easter for all the superficial reasons...because I love spring, because I love jelly beans, because I love little girls in pink dresses and little boys in sweater vests, because I love egg hunts, chocolate bunnies and Sunday Easter brunch.  I love it because of the church music that moves me to the point of tears and because the purple veils have been removed from the crosses and adorned with Easter lillies.  I'm one of those few people who actually loves Easter more than Christmas.

But why do I really love Easter?  What's the real reason I love Easter?

I love Easter because of the real reason. 

Jesus rose--for you, for me.  We are forgiven and will receive eternal life.

Sometimes that's hard for me to comprehend--the magnitude of that.  In our self-filled world it's hard to wrap your brain around.  As a mother trying to comprehend the sacrifice that Our Father made renders me speechless.  But I have an unwavering faith and belief in God and Jesus, I know it to be true.  The truth is the Truth.  It gives me great peace in my life and is the reason I am what I am.

I hope you have a blessed Easter.  And hope you feel the grace of God today and every day.

He is risen!

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Baloney said...

Hope you are enjoying this rainy day!