Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've decided that I need to be a little better about keeping this silly little blog up to date.  Apparently there really are people out there reading this.  Hopefully you're not checking back daily to see the same 'ol post and say "darn it, I really wanted to know what is going on in her life today, why won't she post something new?"  Actually, I know you're not.  

So what's been up?

Oh, not much, just busy, you know, what's about you? 

Nice weather, huh?  You know this 'cold-weather-hatin'-girl' is loving it!

Oh--have I mentioned that I had a dentist appointment on Tuesday?  No?  Really, didn't mention it?  Hmmm....

It's because I was too FREAKED OUT!  I couldn't do a new post because I was too wigged out about going to the dentist.  

My mind was scrambled... eggs. Scrambled eggs...that was my brain.

Going to be dentist does that to me.  It's not just 'dental anxiety'...I have real dentalphobia.  It just straight up freaks me out.  Thankfully for me I have a dentist and hygienist who recognizes my problem and totally sympathizes.  But honestly, it doesn't help relieve my anxiety.  It just helps that they don't think I'm a total weirdo (which we all know I kinda am). I'm just learning to live with it.  Trust me, this isn't a new thing for me...I've been this way my entire life (ahem, Baloney...I'm not too young...just weird).  My 5+ years with braces almost sent me over the edge.  I do believe it's just a phobia that I was born with and like other phobias in our lives, I learn to live with it.

You wanna know what...I have a cavity and have to get a filling.  I'm just not thinking about that May 19th date ('filling day') yet.  Why torture myself?  But let's just say things could get ugly around that time...expect some bizarre posts.

So now that I've exposed my biggest phobia (I have others, but nothing huge), I would like to know what some of your phobias are...what just flips you out?  I promise not to judge you (just like I know you're not judging me, right?  Right?  RIGHT?????  Yeah, I didn't think so.

We're all tell me your phobia and how you cope with it when you have to face it (it might help me cope with mine).

Later Alligators!

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MommaAmma said...

Ooooh lady do I have some phobias.

Dentist: Try to fall asleep in the chair (caused by being shocked twice by a needle)

Bees: I absolutely lose it, even in public, Nip gets embarassed, B gets scared, I even try sometimes. This includes wasps and hornets of course.

Clowns: Not circus clowns, those scary faced clowns ala IT which my grandmother let me watch when I was like 10 so there you go.

Heights: Just when I'm not safely strapped in. I love flying and roller coasters but can't go on lookout towers or even 6 foot walls. I just avoid it!

Cloth in mouth: judge me all you want on this one but if I see someone with cloth anything in their mouth (like washcloth in B's mouth) I flip out and make him stop immediately. I think it's because I lost my front baby teeth by running with a towel/cape in my mouth. Very bloody incident.

See there, you're normal! See there, I'm weird. Thanks for the moment of self reflection. I'm going to go cry now.