Monday, April 20, 2009

A Whole Bunch of Nothing and Random Picture Post

Usually I do a 'Monday Mumbles' on Mondays...where I just mumble randomly about nothing, about our weekend, about the random things that my kiddos say to me.  But not today! get something different.  For two reasons:

1.  I'm scatter-brained right now.  I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I suffer from EXTREME dental anxiety.  I mean, it's bad.  A simple cleaning can send me into a frenzy.  And tomorrow I'm getting a cleaning, but I've also been having a little toothache, so I think there are bigger things in store for me.  Oh my--just the thought of that makes my stomach do flip flops.  In order to keep myself from crying, I think we'd better move on.

2.  Baloney posted this and so I'm going to do the Random Picture Post (click on Baloney to see her random photo).  

Here's what you do...

-Go to your APRIL 2008 or 13th folder

-Then go to your 42nd picture or 4th if you don't have that many.
So here's what you get from me:
That's the Three Little Lams a year ago--April 2008.  Not exactly an exciting photo or even a very good one.  But it's an eye opening photo of how they've grown in a year.

Now, I'm also supposed to do some Mr. Linky thing, but I don't know how to do that, so my instructions to you are this:

Go find your photo (April 2008 folder, etc., etc.) and leave me a comment with a link your blog so I can go see your random photo.

Have Happy Monday!  I'm not sure if I'll be blogging for the next several years--tomorrow's dental appointment might send me over the edge.


MommaAmma said...

What a cute shot! How did you get them to lay still and in a row???

I hate the dentist too. Well I love my dentist but hate the smell, sound, and fear of something horrible happening. Ugh! You'll be fine though. Ask for one of those wonder pills or don't sleep tonight so you are bound to fall asleep in the chair. Hugs!

bretlinford said...

Hi, Alyssa.

Saw your tweet about Athleta and GAP. I'm the Prepress Manager at Athleta. I can't speak in an official capacity but I can assure you that very little has changed here. All the same people who've helped build the brand you love are still designing the clothes, website, catalog, and helping with your order. GAP has told us they don't want to change us. They only want to help us grow. Our uniqueness is what's helped us be successful and GAP doesn't want to change that. Hope this helps with your concerns! Feel free to contact me any time at Thanks!
Bret Linford

Baloney said...

You are too young to be a dentalphobic. Are you kidding me?
I love the pic!

Baloney said...

Tagged you on my blog today. :)