Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Parting Post

My dear, dear Blog-reading friends,

I've been searching deep in the depths of me to find a way to break this to you. But I've decided that the end of Out on a Lam has come. Yes, you read that right...this sweet little blog has lived it's life and it's time to put it to sleep. I'm too busy Facebooking, Tweeting, doing laundry, cooking meals, running kids around, working, living, breathing to keep up with it and I can't handle the constant pressure to find something new and clever to blog about. So with that I bid you adieu. Thanks for reading. I have loved you all and your comments have made me smile (thank to all 3 of you who comment--you're my FAVES). Please remember this blog with fond memories.


Ha---are you kidding me? Do you think I'd really quit blogging? I've got too much random craziness to tell you about. Some of the stuff that happens in my life would not be believable if I didn't put it on my blog for the whole world to see.

So tune in tomorrow...I'll still be here...bloggin' away! :)

Really, I'm just kidding, you know that, right.

I seriously want you to come back tomorrow.

Please.......come back!

Oh---and if you comment then you'll get to be another one of my FAVE peeps!


Viva Cuervo said...

My comment was already swirling in my head before you added being listed among your FAVES, but of course the Cuervos would love to be on that list.

You really had me going! I was about to tell you to stop FB and Twitter. We love reading about the three little lammies...and of course you and WM too. Blog on sister!

Swizz said...

I don't know you...I'm a friend of Baloney's, but I'm always up for being on someone's list of FAVES! ;o)

Happy April Fools Day! I forgot to do anything to anyone. A few hours left to catch up, I guess.

MommaAmma said...

Very nice, my gasps, tears, chest pains, hyperventilating must not have crossed your mind when you played this fools day trick!

;o) How in the world could we keep up with your busy life if not for this. It's an odd way to get to know my SIL but I still love it!

Thank goodness you are just a good tricker.

Baloney said...

I was so hopeful, but then...
Did you know Irritated Tulsan said the same thing?
After having my boys try to April Fools me all day, I am NOT falling for any of it.

Kathleen said...

OK - just got around to reading this today, the day after April Fool's and you still had me going!!! Not fair to be had the day after!! Seriously, that would have been a heart break to not get this fun peak into the life of the Lams. It's not only entertaining, but educational for me as a new mommy. :-)

Glad you are still blogging!!