Monday, March 30, 2009

Sisterly Love

Usually I do a "Monday Mumbles" on Monday.  But not today.  Not a whole lot has happened this past week.  At least nothing you would be interested in hearing about.  Unless you're interested in hearing about how many times I've been thrown up on in the past 6 days.

But you don't want to hear about that.

And I don't really want to relive it (or I should say, continue to live it).

So today I'm just going to share this cute thing that happened today.

Katie is into looking at the photo albums of her or Patrick or Josie when they were born.  Today after school she was sitting on the floor looking at Josie's album and Josie walked up and sat down next to her and Katie started to tell her the story of "The Day You Were Born."  It was quite interesting to hear her version, but so sweet.

Here's Katie showing Josie about when she was born. (By the way, Josie hadn't wet her pants, she had just spilled some water on herself--I put dry pants on her right after this).
Josie was very interested in it.

After they had looked through the whole book Katie closed it, sighed, and said to Josie..."I love you so much baby sissy."

And this is what Josie did.
I hope they will always have that sisterly love.  I sure don't know what I'd do without my big sister.  How blessed my girls are to have a sister (and their wild brother).

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Kathleen said...

That is so incredibly sweet!! Looks like your girls have lots of their mom in them.