Friday, March 20, 2009

I Knew a Woman

...who had a snazzy sense of style
...who could get any baby to sleep at anytime
...who could talk to anyone from the President to the homeless woman at the Salvation Army
...who loved to dance and was good at it
...who was taller than me--nearly 6' tall
...who looked like Gina Davis when she was young
...who was very proud of her Irish heritage
...who could grow beautiful tomatoes and would eat them right off the vine
...who loved her family with every ounce of her being
...who has traveled around the world
...who didn't have the easiest life but didn't let the scars of her past ruin her present
...who was the reason I moved to Tulsa
...who I called Dommie
...who I miss very much

Me and my Dommie on my wedding day (sorry the photo quality stinks, it's the best I could do with what I had to work with).
Today is the day that my grandmother passed away.  Six years ago today.  And while it's been awhile, sometimes I miss her like it was just yesterday.  I was 7 months pregnant with Katie when my grandma died and I remember picking up my grandma's hand as she lay unconscious n the hospital and putting it on my swollen belly--hoping that the baby would feel her presence.  There isn't a day goes by that I long for her to know my children.  She would've appreciated Katie's love of dance, Patrick's love for the Sooners (my grandma was a HUGE OU fan), and she would've thought that Josie's high-spirited personality was a hoot.  I just know that she would have loved them so much.  My grandma and I were very similar in personality, therefore, we had some head-on collisions, but we loved each other so deeply.  Words can't express how I feel about my grandma and what she meant to me.  I still drive by her house (quite often) and just look at it and wish.

My grandma lived life large and had fun doing it!  

I miss you so much grandma, I wish you knew my kiddos, but I see glimpses of you in them all the time and it makes my heart smile.

I love you Dommie!

Oh--this is my grandma that also told me on my wedding day that I should be sure to get up every morning and make a big breakfast for my husband.  Sorry WM, I bet you wished I had followed that peice of advice.


nick04 said...

Just yesterday, I tried to find grandma's house on google maps just to see it again. I couldn't remember the address to get the "street view".

Weather Man said...

Dammnit that teared me up. I know how much you wish she was here to see our little ones--can't understand why she liked me so much either--you sure couldn't explain it to me!