Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Should've Known Better...

I should've known better than to follow a suggestion given to me by Baloney.  That girl is trouble with a capital T.  :)  She tagged me in this "needs" thing going on in the blog-world where you type your first name and the word "needs" in the Google search box and then type the first 10 things things that come up.  So I did that..........apparently there's a skankorilla with my name that has got some not-so-girl-next-door type things going on out in cyberspace.  Also, apparently Alyssa Milano went through a somewhat risque period.  

So, because this blog is family friendly and rated PG, I can't give you my top 10, but I'll give you the top 10 that I think are appropriate.  (Let me give you an example of what the #1 search result was...."Alyssa learn to Be a Better B#$%@."  And let me tell ya...that was mild compared to some of the others).

1.  Alyssa (um, yes, that is true)
2.  Alyssa needs....a good plumber (again, true, my washing machine has been backing up)
3.  Alyssa needs....housing (yes, I could use a bigger house)
4.  Alyssa exorcist on video (no, I really don't need this)
5.  Alyssa lose clothes and score (oh my...again, read the above disclaimer)
6.  Alyssa grow up (nah--keeps me young)
7.  Alyssa needs....a tech makeover (I could use a little assistance with my new MacBook)
8.  Alyssa needs....more than stars (I don't really even understand that)
9.  Alyssa needs....medicine (no, I'm good, thanks)
10.  Alyssa be 5 years old before getting her first pony (this one is my favorite because it's so cute.

What it really should say is "Alyssa figure out how to make her posts not be centered."  I've been trying people...I just can't figure it out.

So now I'm supposed to tag people to do this and since 2 of my followers have already done it, I have to just give you what I've got so here's who's getting tagged:
Manning Memo
Susie's Zoo
Viva Cuervo

I'm sure that Cuervo's will be good!

And finally....

Thank you to all who covered our little Josie in prayer today.  Her little surgery was a total breeze and she did great.  Didn't even cry that much when coming out from being under anesthesia.  She's a little stud.  I will post more on it later.  But thank you all for remember her.  It may have been minor surgery, but no surgery is minor to the mommy.

Happy Thursday!  Enjoy the March Madness! 

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MommaAmma said...

I'm so happy Josie's doing well! What a girl!

I love your name, sorry it belongs to people on the other side of the moral compass.