Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Mumbles

Because I know you all are just waiting on the edge of your seats all weekend long for the next installment of Monday Mumbles, I figured that I might as well get to it earlier in the day than normal.  I'm feeling motivated!  

Not really...Baby Lam is sleeping so it's easier to work on the laptop without her little hand mysteriously appearing and giving the keyboard a good whop.  In other words, now is my chance to get this thing posted.  Also it makes me feel better about the huge pile of unfolded laundry on the couch, at least I'm doing something productive rather than just sitting here ignoring it.

So here's what we've been upto...

Spring Break--last week was Katie's spring break so grandma (my mom) and one of my nephews came down to see us. What fun we had!  My 4 year old nephew that came down is the oldest of my brother's three boys.  As you can imagine, their house is filled with all things trucks, cars and other boyish items.  So I love it when he hangs out with Katie--the girly girl of the century--it forces him to play with girly Barbies and princesses.

Like this...
Now it's out there on the world wide web, for all the world to see that he played with a Princess Barbie--and liked it.  Oh--I also sent home an OU shirt with him (they live in Kansas).

The Art of Boys--We went to Philbrook's Second Saturday a couple weekend's ago.  Patrick's never been a big art guy.  He doesn't really like to just sit and color or paint or anything.  He likes Play-Doh, but not for the extended amounts of time like Katie does.  But he insisted that he wanted to go, so Katie and I took him along.

Just as Michael Jordon would stick out his tongue when he was concentrating on a slam dunk, Patrick sticks his tongue out when he paints.
In One Ear (not so much Out the Other)--Baby Lam got ear tubes on Thursday.  She did great and as I said last week, thank you to all who covered her in prayer on Thursday morning.  It's never easy on mommy no matter how minor.  She came out of recovery super quick and hardly cried, so we were home before we knew it.  And have I mentioned how much we love her ear doctor? He came to the pre-op area so he could personally carry her to surgery--we felt extra special.  But, hey, Baby Lam IS extra special.  And the "pediatric cocktail" that they gave her to help her relax, well, not so much.  She was HILARIOUS...definitely had some effect on her, but not the relaxing effect.  It was too funny.

Here she is in her little surgery gown.  She kind of has that goofy "I'm somewhat sedated" look on her face (and it was probably about 6:45 a.m.).

And Baby Make 7--My little bro and sis-in-law announced they are going to have a baby!  Whoopie!!!  I'm so excited--when this little bundle arrives that will mean I have 7 nieces and nephews (on my side of the family).  

So that's about it...for now.  Don't bother me tonight...remember my fave show ever is on!  Katie and I will have some dancin' to do!

Happy Monday--have a great week!

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Baloney said...

I was waiting for you to talk about those ear tubes!