Saturday, March 7, 2009

Perfect Pictures-What Does it Take?

As you can read in my post below, I decided to take my three Little Lams to the park to take their photos.  Just me...and the little Lams.  No one else, I was attempting this on my own.  It was a beautiful day, the flowers were blooming, the birds were singing...I could feel it in my bones, this was really going to happen.  My children were going to cooperate and I was going to get some great photos!!!  Here they are:
"Mommy, it's too sunny."
After moving to a less sunny location...

"I am NOT happy about taking pictures," Patrick complains.

"Me either!" replies Josie.

"I refuse to sit down, it hinders my escape plan."


"I'm cab is waiting."

Hey kids, let's go over by the pretty flowers...

"Here's my shoe."

Getting closer...almost there...

And there it is...
It's not exactly what I'd call the 'money shot.'  Katie has an incredibly fake smile, but after 30+ minutes and over 100 photos later, this was the best I got.  Actually, it's not too bad and I have so few photos of all three of them together, I'm pretty happy to just get one.  It's the best I could ask for.

I refuse to attempt this again by myself.  Next time I'm bringing WM or a friend along--someone to help corral the kiddos and keep their attention.  

Or maybe I'll just hire a professional.

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Baloney said...

I think it's perfect!
I tend to love the mess ups too. :)