Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thoughts on a Thursday

I promised a new post by the end of the day yesterday...and I didn't deliver. Dang it, sorry. And I can't quite get it together for today, so I just thought I'd give you some random thoughts I'm having on this beautiful Thursday in Oklahoma. Hope you enjoy.Isn't this weather fantastic? (if you're living in OK). This kind of weather is what brightens my spirit. You all know how much I hate cold weather, so this weather is a beacon of great things that are on the way.
  • I'm hating my car right now. The seat belts are stupid and I'm beginning to think it would safer to tell my kids not to buckle up. Because if they do, there is a real possibility that they might get stuck in their seat by a faulty seatbelt system. We've had to cut one of the seat belts already (to get the child out of the seat) and I almost had to cut another one yesterday to be able to get Patrick out. A very firm letter to Nissan is on it's way. Soon. Like today.
  • Here's a new word I learned this past weekend..."Noah's Arctic." That's where Noah put the animals before the flood. In the Arctic. I wasn't aware of this, I thought it was the Ark, but no, it's the Arctic. The Arctic must have amazing wildlife and a thriving animal population. Those silly scientists have had us fooled all these years thinking there's nothing up there but ice!
  • Hmmm...what's up with this? My baby girl has decided to become a football player. And a pretty fierce one by the look in her eyes (she did this to herself, no help from us).
  • Did I mention I love this weather?
  • The Starbucks dude (they aren't men or guys at Starbucks...they're "dudes") messed up my drink this morning. That stinks. I ordered my normal..."Grande Decaf Mocha," and I'm pretty sure they forgot to put the decaf shots in there and I ended up with just a big ol cup of hot chocolate with a bunch of whipped cream. Dang those dudes...that's about as bad as when they mess up and give me a caffeinated Mocha. Considering that I haven't had a caffeinated beverage in over 7 years, it's not so pretty when a couple espresso shots sneak into my blood stream. It makes me look like this...
  • I'm setting myself up for disappointment. I'm considering taking the kids to the park tomorrow to get some photos of the three of them. I don't know why I even kid myself that this will happen. But I'm gonna try!
So that's about it for now. Maybe tomorrow something amazing will happen that I can tell you about and that you won't find totally pointless.

Have a most wonderfully happy Thursday!

P.S. I hate The Bachelor and I'm never watching it're dead to me Bachelor! But I'm super psyched about the new season of Dancing with the Stars that starts on Monday. Oh--and I think that show In the Motherhood looks super funny, too.


nick04 said...

Oh, there are so many things to say about a little girl in KU football gear. Very fitting. (just messing with you WM)

MommaAmma said...

Ditto on your whole blog!!! Weird creepy, down to the park and new names for stuff but someone insists it is correct.

I really really almost threw my dvr out the window because it taped the last Bachelor but not the episode of him being a ding dong and going with little miss kids are ick. How mean is he? Never again! I'm with you. Bring on Lil Kim. Just joking.

Kathleen said...

I'm loving the weather too!! Makes me extra happy. It's so funny to see one of Alyssa's girls in football gear. :-) She looks adorable!!

Kathleen said...

Love the play date idea!! Let's do that soon. I love your new daffodil (sp..) pictures!!