Sunday, March 15, 2009


I have to admit that I kind of like the NCAA basketball tournament.  I really like when I can find a bracket pool to join so I have a reason to be watching all the games going on.  Why else would I watch a game such as....oh, I don't know, say....Wake Forest v. Cleveland St.  But if you got a little (and I emphasize little) money on the game, then that game becomes much more interesting...sort of.  Like I said, I really do kind of enjoy the whole tournament.  I like college basketball.

If there is one word I find more annoying than 'stimulus' or 'bail-out', it's "Bracketology".

I seriously can't handle it...bracketology, that's just the dumbest thing I've every heard.  Come on now, just let the committee throw that bracket together and call it good.  "Here you go folks, this is what it looks like for '09"--that's all it should take.

But no...

We have to over analyze and talk about each and every team; argue with fellow sportscasters; discuss 'teams on the bubble' and 'Cinderella seasons.'  It's just plain annoying to hear about it for THREE HOURS!!!  Surely ESPN has something else it can or maybe even curling?  I'd be up for a good game cricket or Australian-rules football. 

So here are some new terms I've come up with for "Bracketology."






Ooooo...if I don't win any of my bracket pools because I haven't studied up on my Bracketology...maybe I'll get a bail-out!

I'm going for the Jayhawks...who are you going for?

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Baloney said...

Obviously you are going for the Jayhawks. I'd be happy to fill out brackets but it would be a crapshoot since I never actually watch basketball.
I think sports in general are categorized in
"I couldn't care less-ology."