Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It Was a Hairy Situation

This was me yesterday at 10:00 a.m.

This was me yesterday at 3:30 p.m.

WOW! What a difference!

Actually that's not me. That's Gisele Bundchen. If you thought that was me--well, golly, you are my new best friend...and you'll be sadly disappointed when you meet me in person.

But yesterday I got my LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG overdue hair cut and colored and, boy, did I think I was sassy when I walked out of the salon! There is nothing better than a fresh hair cut and color to make a girl have a little bounce in her step.

This post is dedicated to my fabulous friends Joy and Sarah for recommending their stylist to me. She was AWESOME! Thank you girls for making my day!

Oh--also, that first picture isn't me either. That is a DUDE--I am not a dude. But my hair looked that bad.

Peace, love and happy Wednesday. If you live around here...go enjoy this beautiful day!


Baloney said...

My hair looks like the Dude's when I don't iron it.
Glad you got your hair done!!

MommaAmma said...

I thought I was going to get soft long hair with pregnancy but no, I have Bret Michaels hair with a whole wirey chunk right in front at the part that no straightening balm or irons can tame. Oh and I get a haircut at Fantastic Sams. I haven't had a professional color in 2 years and oh my goodness what is wrong with me and all this jabbering? Oh yes our internet gateway blew today so I've been without internet for exactly 4 hours and 37 minutes and won't get it replaced until tomorrow. Someone help me...I'm addicted!seriously, I'm neurotically typing this on my tiny phone right now!

By the way, love your hair Gisele! Can't wait to see the real shot!