Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Diary, Part 1

Last week was the Book Fair at Katie's school and she came home one day with quite a "wish list." Most of the books she picked out didn't surprise me at all...Pinkalicious (which is a great book if you have a little girl who thinks the world revolves around the color pink), Barbie and the Diamond Castle, Dora Save the Snow Princess, Disney Princess Story Collection. You get the gist. Normal books that would appeal to a 5-year-old.
But one thing caught my eye...The Let Your Thoughts Dance Diary.
A diary? What could she possibly want with a diary? I had a diary when I was a young girl and it said stuff like, "I want to shave my legs but my mom won't let me," or "Jane was mean today because she said Jeff likes Michelle, and I really like Jeff more than Michelle." I mean there are only a limited number of words that Katie can write and I can't imagine that she would have any private things going on in her life that are diary-worthy--that I wouldn't know about. But being the sucker that I am (and the fact that it's a school fundraiser) I went ahead and let her get The Diary.

A couple days later I found The Diary. Curiousity was killing me. I knew that it was her diary and that I shouldn't look at it. By their nature diaries are for the owner's use only. But then I figured she's only 5-years-old, what could be so secret in there. So I took a peek...

Here's The Diary...Let Your Thoughts Dance (like how it has little keys, incase her 3-year-old brother tries to steal it and read it).
Page 1: She's getting the formalities out of the way but putting her name on the first page. Also looks like we've got a self portrait going on (wearing pink, of course).

Page 2: "God"...I guess if you're going to write a word in your diary that's a pretty good one to pick. She's got her priorities straight. Or maybe she was starting a prayer "God, please don't let my mommy read my diary."

Pages 3 & 4: Princess stickers. Can't forget that our life revolves around princesses and we're waiting for the day that we will become one--today it looks like the preferred princesses were Snow White and Belle.

Page 5 & 6: Not real sure what's going on here, lots of writing and maybe working on changing our name from "Katie" to "Kate". There's a drawing of two girls (I'm assuming princesses), one looks happy, one looks sad. Then we've got some beautiful flowers and butterflies.

Page 7: American flag. Be proud to be an American, people!

Page 8: This is some type of weird cat gerbil dog chipmunk monkey thing. I don't know what it is, but it's kind of freaking me out--especially that one big black eyeball.

So, after careful reading this is what I've come up with for Katie's first diary entry:

"Dear Diary--My name is Katie and as you can see from my picture, I love to wear pink. But I don't really have red hair. I've prayed to God to make me a princess one day--either Snow White or Belle. Diary, do you think I should start calling myself 'Kate' now? I really want to live in a land of butterflies and flowers, but even as a princess I will remain loyal to my country, America. Unless it is taken over by cat-gerbils with mutated eyeballs. Oh, and mommy, I know you're reading this. Good night, Diary."

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nick04 said...

Oh, Patrick will find it and read it (eventually). Little brothers always find and read their sister's diary.