Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pay It Forward

Remember that movie Pay It do something nice and that person does something nice and on and on and on. Well, because I'm super short on time and my brain is fried due to work and kiddos today, my blog is going to be quick. But I can't be that lame...I must try, TRY, to make the world a better place. So here's the deal for today...

Pay It Forward...

Go do something nice...preferably to a stranger (step out of your comfort zone). Make the world a better place or at least make someone's day.

Then tell me what you did in my "comments" section (or email me). I won't believe you actually did it unless you tell me about. :)

Go be happy!

Make someone happy!


Baloney said...

I love that movie and that concept! My good deed for the day is that I haven't yelled at the Doc.
Only kidding. :)

Joy said...

OK - so here's mine. Some goof-bucket pulled into the Dallas Galleria parking lot yesterday and side-swiped the car in the spot next to him. The kicker - I don't think the driver even realized it because he would have left a note on the other car, bailed out or at least waited (you'd think, right?? But maybe they were having a sale at Versace and he had to hurry in...)

Anywho, we called security before we left just in case the side-swiper chose to leave without telling the other driver of his/her misdeed.

(and I guess I should admit that it made me feel better that we did that, especially since we left Louis Vuitton empty handed and I could have been grumpy. Thanks a lot, Mark McGill.)

MommaAmma said...

I know I'm late but we really did this Thursday! A grumpy lady on the Royal Gorge Railroad complained that the school children were out of control and rude and that she would call the administrator. I spoke to the teacher who told me these kids live in town and are too poor to have ever gotten to ride the train and their single parents obviously couldn't take off work to come along and the train puts this on for free each year so instead of letting her and her kids get in trouble I gave her my card to give to her principal. She did and I spoke to him yesterday and clarified that the complainer was just a sour puss so now the teacher and kids won't be in trouble. (These kids were really polite and sweet)!