Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Evil Eye

To start this blog it would be helpful if you could sing that song by Madonna from the Austin Powers movie that goes "Evil...Evil is his one and only name." That would be good background music for this post.

It's been said, "a child's behavior is a reflection of it's parent's actions." I believe this to be mostly true. Yet my three children do something that I never do. I mean, NEVER...I never, ever, ever do this. They give WM and I "the evil eye" like nobody's business. They have mastered the art of the evil eye and know in exactly what situation to execute it. At our house the evil eye has no age or gender's an equal opportunity trait that all Three Little Lams have. Even Baby Lam has it down (though she has a little work to do on her evil eye in order to be called a master. But she's well on her way).

Check this out...
She doesn't really have the squint going on that an "official" evil eye has, but she is definitely workin' it right there. She was getting in trouble by WM for climbing the ladder and jumping around on the top bunk. Is that a look of defiance or what? Ooooweeee are we going to have trouble with that one.

Ya know what's even funnier? When Baby Lam was giving WM that evil eye, at the same time I was getting it from Katie. I captured it--the simulatenous evil eye of the Lam girls.

Here's a close up of Katie's. She's MASTERED it (you saw this one in a previous post, but it's worth showing again because of the perfection of it).
Look at the perfect form she's got going there...perfectly executed eye squint, exquistly performed brow furl, no hint of a smile in site. Perfection, I tell ya. I give that evil eye a "10"!

So you think that the evil eye is only inherent in my girls? Nope. Patrick's got it, too. He's got the male version of it, though. Instead of the squint he does the "look at you out of the corner of your eye (or over the brow bone, or down the nose)" thing.

Unfortunately for my kids, the evil eye doesn't work on me. It just makes me laugh and run for my camera! Which usually then results in even more evil eye-ing. It's a vicious cycle--that I think is funny. Maybe I'll start using the evil eye work, home, in public. Such as:

WM: "I'm golfing in the morning"
Me: giving the evil eye with no response
WM: "Never mind, I'll stay home and fold the laundry."


Work person: "I need 5,000 brochures by tomorrow afternoon"
Me: Giving the evil eye with no response
Work person: "Oh, I see you are busy, I will send you a written request."

See...I think it could work beautifully!

Why don't you try it--let me know how it works out for ya!


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