Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Top 10 Reasons I Like Fall

I've decided that today I'm not going to blog about my precious little children (who were not being so precious during the night or this morning) or my silly husband WM. I thought I'd give you a break from the madness of my household and enlighten your day with all the reasons why I like fall. Notice I don't say "love", I don't "love" fall--for one main reason--fall means winter is on it's way and I really, really don't like winter (I'm one of those weirdos who runs a space heater year 'round, even when it's 105 degrees out. Yep--I do that--ask my friend, The Fabulous Joy McGill).

I really, really, really like fall, I just don't "luuuuuuuvvvvvv" fall. It's just a technicality--and my fear of the impending cold weather that is lurking up there in Canada and...gasp...the Arctic--it scares me when the TV Weather man--not my WM--say "Arctic Blast" or "Arctic Front." It's enough to make me drop my Starbucks and run for the nearest electric blanket heated bed (no, I don't have an electric blanket on my bed--because my mom scared me into thinking it would give me cancer, which it won't, but my mom said it would and mom's know stuff).

So here's the Top 10 Reasons I Like Fall:

10. Sweaters and Jeans--I can wear my sweaters and people don't look at me like I've lost my mind (because I wear them when it's hot out). And I have this one pair of jeans that I LOVE. They are perfectly broken in and fit me like a glove. And they are the perfect length--which is hard for a tall gal like me to find. A sweater and those jean...oh yeah!

9. Football--I really like college football, I mean, I really like college football. I honestly don't mind watching random college football teams play. I just love the tradition, school songs, etc., etc. that surround college football. I know WM will puke when I say this, but besides the Big 12, I really enjoy watching SEC teams. Those teams are good and you'll usually end up watching a pretty good game. But I don't like NFL football so much...except the KC Chiefs...but they I don't like NFL.

8. Pretty leaves--They're pretty. 'Nuf said.

7. Doggie breath on a fall morning--I think it's too cute to see my two pooches out there panting at the back door, begging to be fed, and you can see their doggie breath because it's so cold. It's just cute. But I'm weird.

6. Flannel sheets and Down Comforters--So snuggly and soft and warm. I LOVE crisp, ironed sheets more than anything, but the first time you get in bed with your soft flannel sheets, you just feel like you're sleepin' in heaven. Unless you're like me and have on your flannel jammies and flannel on flannel doesn't work, so you're stuck to your flannel sheets like velcro. But I still love me some flannel sheets!

5. Planting bulbs--I love how bulbs make you anticipate spring and give you hope for beauty and color during the cold, yucky, winter months. YUCKY and COLD. YUCK. I hate COLD. YUCK! But bulbs give us hope! (Did I mention that I'm weird)?

4. The smell of the air--Is it just me or does the air in the fall just smell good? Gone are the days of that funky "cooked ozone, refinery, asphalt" smell that the hot Oklahoma summers create. The air just smells better. Surely we're healthier. Surely.

3. Halloween--I never really got into this holiday pre-kids. And I still don't over do it like lots of moms, but I have to admit, seeing my little munchkins dressed up is just too cute! And, yeah, don't ask, I know it's Oct. 8, but no, I don't know what they are going to dress up as for Halloween yet. There's a whole blog comin' on that topic!

2. Baking--I love to bake. I mean I really love to bake. Hey WM--I REALLY LOVE TO BAKE! It's a hobby--you have golf, I have baking. So quit giving me grief everytime I bake a delicious treat (be glad you have a wife that does it). It's only natural to bake in the fall and fill your home with the delightful aroma of pumpkin bars, apple pie, spiced cookies. Mmmm...I think I'll go home and bake tonight.

1. Starbucks--I love Starbuck's year round--it's good even in the summer; but it's perfection on a crisp, cool, fall day! Plus it marks the end of the baristas giving you the "why-are-you-ordering-a-hot-drink-on-a-scorching-Oklahoma-summer-day?" look. Now I can go order my Grande Decaf Mocha with pride!!! Allelujah for fall!!!!

So there you go...the most random post known to man. Here's what we've determined today:
1). I don't like cold
2). I'm weird

Have yourself a great, fall day!

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