Monday, October 6, 2008

Something's Wrong With My Computer

Something is wrong with my computer
I don't know what
So I'll make up a poem
Until you tell me to shut up!

Baby Lam is at fault
She was banging on the keyboard
Now all the formatting is messed up
Oh help me Good Lord!

(Stay with me here...I'm not much of a poet).

This rain is driving me crazy
And I had a great blog to post
But instead you're getting a poem
Which is better than a ghost.

I was going to tell you about Louie
And Katie's first soccer game
And now this sorry poem
Is getting pretty lame.

Baby Lam took steps this weekend
And we went for a fun bike ride
I even have pictures of Sally
Running up our backyard slide.

I'm so sorry about this poem
Hopefully there will be fewer
But it will continue
Until I figure out my computer.

Ok--that was super lame, Baby Lam pushed something on the computer and the formatting is all jacked up. So I'll see what I can do about it. Until then...have patience with me...and my poems.

Peace, Love and Rain!

1 comment:

Baloney said...

hmmmmm... I almost want to talk about general crapness.
Just kiddin'.