Thursday, October 30, 2008

What I'm Reading

Have you notice that little thing over there on the right side of my blog that says "What I am Reading"? Have you noticed that the same book has been there for 3 months? You probably haven't noticed because it's kinda like that suitcase that has been sitting in your hall for the past 6 months, you just don't notice it anymore, it's part of your home decor and is now becoming a nice little hall table. Oh, but I'm off the subject.

WM--PUT THE DANG SUITCASE AWAY FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD! (This is a total 'battle of the wills' going on over who is going to move the suitcase. If WM hasn't figure it out by now--9 years later--he's married to one stubborn chick. It's one of the glories of being Irish--it's in your genes). I'm going to take a pic of it tonight and post it, just so you can see the evidence.'s back to the book. Are you thinking that I finished that book a long time ago and I just have been too lazy to post the newest book I'm reading? I wish that were true, my friends. But I have not finished that book. And what's worse, I have another book that I'm half way through and is 3 months overdue to the library. You'd think those snarky little 'reminders' (I call it Library Hate Mail) would be enough to make me pick up the book(s) and finish them. But really, who has time? I mean, come on...there are meals to to bathe...homework to do...Dancing with the Stars to to put to bed...dishes to uniforms to lunches to pack...laundry to to clean...not to mention; Halloween costumes to figure out...Halloween parties to prepare for (X3)...Jack 'o Lanterns to carve.

Who has time to sit and read a book that really isn't good enough to keep your interest?

So here's the deal...anyone out there who has read:

Shadow Baby and The Shack, just tell me how they end. I'm 1/2 way through both and I'm going to do something that I've never done. I'm just not going to finish them. They are going back to the library today. End of story (literally).

So will someone tell me how those two books end??


Then I can post another new book that I'm going to read...and leave it up there for 3 months.


Weather Man said...

Woman--it's the dang little suitcase, I don't think you will hurt anything by putting it away. And you used it--not me!!

Susie said...

If you get WMMMMM to put up your suitcase, please call John & inform him it can be done!! I mean we unpack 'em (and do the laundry that comes out of them, not to mention pack them before the trip)!!! Anyway, my book list has the same virus! I just can't seem to get that dang book off there! I would love to tell you about The Shack...I can tell you all about the first chapter :) Did you get the books back? I paid my $5 in library fines today. I support the library financially. They should be adding my wing soon!