Friday, October 3, 2008

The Kidney Stone

I thought I might give a little update on the invalid in our family (sorry if that's not PC, I don't mean any harm to anyone). As you've probably read, poor 'ol WM is fighting a kidney stone. We're going on week 3 with this problem. And while I'm quite sure that it is much more of an inconvenience to WM, it's really becoming annoying to me! Because of this, I think it's time we name this little bugger. I should come up with something cute like Kip the Kidney Stone or Sammy the Stone, but those names are much too cute for what we're dealing with. So how about something 'bout Louie?

WM saw his regular doc earlier this week and he ordered a CT scan, also known as a "cat scan". But when I hear that term I envision my bro-in-law (the vet) wrestling some type of freaky weird cat.

Something like this...

So, WM heard back that Louie has indeed taken up residency in his kidney, but it small and not causing and obstruction, therefore, he should make his grand entrance into the potty sometime within the week.

Disclaimer: I'm sure that my cohorts at St. John are reading this and screaming "HIPAA, HIPAA...what's wrong with you?" WM signed that HIPAA release form and I made sure that it said his medical info can be used on his wife's blog. So we're good.

Anyway, I guess we're just in a waiting game now. Which I truly find annoying. Here's why...when WM is home that means sharing the workload created by my little punks. I have to admit, WM is an awesome dad who is very hands on and helpful. I certainly can handle the little munchkins, but it just seems natural that when WM is home that he should be helping out. But when Louie rears his ugly head and decides to wreak havoc on WM's kidneys (a.k.a. causing him great pain), that means he heads for the bedroom and I'm on my own. DANG IT!

It also causes him to lose control and do things like this...
Love ya, WM!

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