Sunday, September 28, 2008

Under Pressure

Remember a long, long time ago, like in 1937 or something, when Sally Fields won an academy award and said "You like me, you really, really like me!" (ok--it wan't in 1937, but it was a while ago--I said that for literary purposes). Anyway, I feel like jumping up and down saying that right now! Why? Because my blog-addicted (like me) friend Baloney said I'm blog worthy of reading. Sometimes I'm not sure why people would be so interested to read about the choas that I live in. Maybe so they can sit back and say "ha--I'm glad that's her, not me!" Regardless--Baloney awarded me with a Bloggy-type award. You wanna read a good blog--read hers--she's a hoot! And I have to admit that I totally appreciate her humor (it's a little too similar to mine), we might be trouble if we were together in a public place. Hey Baloney--wanna go to the fair and people watch--it could give us a year's worth of blog material!!! So go read about Baloney and her crazy hubby The Doc and her two precious boys!

Here's what I'm supposed to do, too. I'm to nominate 7 blogs I read for the award. And if you are awarded, you have to do the same. Basically it's a great way to make friends via blogging--gotta love that! Unfortunately I'm kind of a loser and don't have 7, but I'll give ya what I got and what I think is blog worthy...

1. Susie's Zoo--now, my guess is Susie won't do this because she's uber busy delivering babies in the wee hours of the night (plug for Susie--she's the most awesome L&D nurse this side of, well, this side of heaven--I'm not just saying this because she's my friend. Really, she's the best. If your preg and live outside of Tulsa, think about moving here just for your delivery)! But maybe if I put the pressure on, she'll do it.

2. The Manning Memo--this is my sweet, sweet friend and co-worker you've read about on my blog. She's got a new baby (delivered by Susie) and you gotta go to her blog just to see that precious baby Jackie. I just want to snap her up and take her home to love on her. But then I figure Kathleen might go Mama Bear on me and get primative.

3. MommaAmma--this is my SIL (sister-in-law) who is married to my baby brother. I love reading her blog because I like to see what my little bro and his little family are up to and because Korinne is often facing the same mommy problems I am and gives me the reassuring "it's going to be okay" or "you're not alone." She's a great SIL!!!

So go read their blogs and if you've been awarded, you do the same thing I just did--and you have to put that little icon thing at the top of your page (thanks for reminder Baloney)!

And if you got here through Baloney, leave me a comment to say "hi"--I'd love it!!

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Baloney said...

Hey Ding Dong... you forgot to post the award "pic". :)
I saved Susie for you knowing you would pick her.
I'm all in for the fair. When are we going?!