Thursday, September 25, 2008

Me? A Soccer Mom?

I thought I was getting ready to make my grand entrance into the world of being a "Soccer Mom." Yesterday was Katie's first soccer practice. I was a little surprised that she wanted to play soccer since she's the girliest girl you'd ever meet. So when the sign up forms were sent home from school I just asked if she wanted to play and certainly didn't encourage it. "YES!" was the answer I got from her. But I was still a little hesitant to sign her up. Did I want her to play? Absolutely, but I've been down this road with her before....

Gymnastics--"YES!"....and she cried....and after 2 session we threw in our leotard

Ballet--"YES!"....and she cried....fortunately she loves ballet and we're still doing ballet and the tears have stopped.

Kindergarten--"YES!"....and she cried for the first week (disclaimer--she is doing great at school now).

Katie is a crier and I knew the first time she got kicked that the tears would start rolling. But playing soccer is kind of like a right of passage for little kids, and since Katie indicated that she wanted to do it...we went for it.

It started off okay. She was a little shy and didn't really want to participate, but she did fine.

Here we are practicing kicking the ball. (don't you love how she's playing in her uniform shirt and shoes with her soccer socks on).

But then the inevitable happened. She got kicked and the tears did, indeed, start. And wouldn't stop. So she stood in the middle of the field crying for the last 20-30 minutes of practice.

I don't want to say that my hopes were dashed for her to be the next Mia Hamm, but I think that maybe we should keep our eyes focused on the New York City Ballet. She did promise me that she'd give it another try at tomorrow's practice--but that was after I bribed her! I certainly don't think I should be classified as a soccer mom. I'm not sure that I want to be, do I?

Peace, Love and Happy Kicking!

Have a Great Day!!!!

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MommaAmma said...

It's okay! I think most moms secretly want to be seen as the soccer mom. Better than a work-a-holic mom, alcoholic mom, etc. Put on your sleeveless polo and scream "Stay with the ball!" proudly!