Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Eat All You Want--You'll Look Great!

So I was at Walgreen's last week picking up some photos when I spotted something on the shelve. I kind of just half-read what it said and kept on walking, but then I stopped and walked back and read the box to see if it really said what I thought it did. I just kind of laughed and said--outloud, yet under my breath--"seriously?" This is what it was...

That is a box of Dove chocolates that has been juiced up with some nutrients and other rig-a-ma-roll that is supposed to make your skin look good.

Again, I say, SERIOUSLY? We're talking about chocolates here. I have a couple problems with this...1). Don't mess with my chocolate by trying to make it healthy. 2). Who's really going to believe that eating CHOCOLATE is going to make your skin look good? I grew up in the 80's when our only skin product options were Clearasil and Noxema. If you were super lucky (like my sister and I were), you're mom would take you to the department store and buy you the Clinique 3-Step system. But no matter where you bought your skin care products, either the woman at the make-up counter or the lady at the drug store check out line would tell every girl the age of 13 and older, "now, honey, don't eat chocolate, it'll make you get pimples." So this whole "eat these chocolates and you're skin will look great" thing just kind of blew me away.

But of course I bought them.

I didn't buy them so much to see if they worked, I bought them to take back to my office to show to my fabulous work co-horts to see if they thought the whole chocolates=great skin was as ridiculous as I thought it was. They didn't, they just said, "open that box, I need some chocolate!" And we proceeded to eat the whole box right then.

And our skin looks great!


Baloney said...

Hello health care employee... chocolate does NOT cause pimples!
I'm in for whatever excuse I can get to eat chocolate. I'm especially a fan of the dark chocolate is good for your heart theory. :)

Susie said...

Oh those tricky marketing people :)