Thursday, September 4, 2008

These Boots Were Made for Walkin'

I do believe that I (or Weather Man, fondly known as WM) might actually have to carry Baby Lam down the aisle on her wedding day. The poor girl won't walk! She could...she just chooses not too! I really don't mind carrying her...well, I kind of do, she's getting heavy...because she's fat.
Oh stop it--I'm her mom, I can say that! Remember, I'm about keepin' it real...the girl is fat.

Here, see...look at those thighs--that left one in particular--the one with several rolls of fat (the right thigh has just as much fat, she just chose to conceal it with her mini skirt). I know that photo has been used on my blog before, I'm using it to illustrate my point.

Ok...back to the point of this blog! I'm frustrated a little about her not walking because Katie walked at 11 months and Patrick just stood up and started running one day when he was 10 months (I'm not kidding, it was weird). So what's wrong with my baby??? Why won't she walk? Being a girl I thought she'd want to get up and start wearing shoes. I love buying shoes, for me, for my girls, for Patrick...hey, do YOU want some shoes? I'll buy ya some. I love shoes! Even though I don't have the shoe collection I wish I had (I want The Fabulous Joy McGill's shoe collection). So, point is, my girl needs to get to walking so she can start wearing some of those darling, itty bitty, tiny little girl shoes!

Oh, but look!! No need to walk when you can crawl and wear shoes...

You can wear mismatched Crocs....

Or if you need to fill in for daddy at work, you can wear his work shoes (yuck--I'd NEVER stick my hands in WM's shoes--gag!)

If you're invited to a Royal Ball, you can wear your glass slippers...

We're not sure what her deal is, but these days if she's crawling around she's got a pair of shoes on...on her hands. Sometimes she'll even go into my closet and get some out just to wear.
Sigh....what am I going to do with her.

Dang it--she's so cute, though!

And here's an after thought for ya...since I can't keep up with the "Quote of the Day" I'm going to change it to the "Word of the Day." It will enlighten and educate us all. Usually it will be a real word, but sometimes it might be a word from one of the Three Little Lams' vocab. Here's today's word:

comestible: kuh-MES-tuh-buhl\, adjective: 1. Suitable to be eaten; edible. noun: 1. Something suitable to be eaten; food.

Now go use it in a sentence...


Susie said...

Well, none of John & my kids walked until at least 13 months. I have been told that they will be really smart - they aren't walking b/c they are too busy thinking & learning...OK, maybe somebody was just trying to make us feel better. BUT our slowest to walk (Trevor) DOES have a genius IQ!!! Not saying he acts like it! :)

I think Josie is the shoe queen! She wears them on her hands so she can see them better & admire their prettyness...or grubbyness :)

Baloney said...

I'm gagging with the whole hands in shoes thing. NASTY!
Negatory on Susie's genius theory. My little genius walked just before his first birthday but the DOC was a late walker. My genius brain had no problem with some early walkin'. :)
That baby Lam is a cutie. I love the rolls on her thighs.
Wishing it was still cute at 36.