Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Mumblings

I was going to do a weekly wrap up yesterday, but it was so nice out that we spent most of the day doing family things and I just never got to it. So here's a brief summary of what we've been doing lately and the craziness that happens in the wake of the Lam family.

On Friday Patrick and I partipated in the United Way's Day of Caring. I didn't really participate since I was running the show as far as the St. John team/project went. So it wasn't that I had a choice to participate...I had to. But I brought my little guy along because we took some home bound elderly folks to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and I thought he would enjoy it. I'm going to do a blog on it because Patrick was in complete awe and I have some awesome pics to share. It was a confusing mess leading up to that day--and wouldn't you know that the first thing I did when we got there was lock my keys in the car. Ugh. But it was a nice and fun day.

On Saturday Patrick and David went to a Ducks Unlimited banquet and Patrick had a great time and came home with all sorts of goodies. The girls and I went to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk. But since Hurricane Ike arrived, it became a Light the Night Sit In. We went to go support Katie's little friend Micah who is battling leukemia. I'll do a post on this one, too. They were precious together. We had a great time even though we were soaked to the bone by the time we got to the car. But it was worth it to see Micah's smile!

Yesterday was stay at home and clean up, laundry, etc. WM got the wild hair to paint the living/dining room walls. So our house was in a mess for most of the day, but now it looks much, much better!

Today is school picture day at Katie's school. I hope she cooperated and took her picture, because last night when I told her it was picture day she told me "I'm not doing that." Hmmm, I didn't really know that you didn't get the option. I LOVE that she has to wear a uniform to school--it cuts down on many, many morning arguements and crying sessions, but I have to admit that today I was a little sad that we didn't get the put on that special "picture day" outfit. Oh well, I guess it's a sacrifice that I'll make. :) I'm just glad we made it to picture day without some type of facial injury that resulted in some type of bruise, scrape, scratch that would appear in the photo. We had a close call last week when Katie took a face dive off the monkey bars, but we're all healed up and good to go for pics.

Today Katie will also be sent home with her 1st quarter progress report. And I'm nervous about it. Is that weird? I'm also SUPER nervous about our first parent/teacher conference that is coming up this Friday. I will be the first to admit that Katie is definitely NOT perfect and is quite high spirited, cries easily, somewhat stubborn. But I don't want anyone telling me that. I guess I need to put my thick skin on an be prepared. I need advice from all you other mommies out to I prepare myself for this? Am I over-reacting? (WM says I over-react about everything since Katie has started school). Why am I so freaked out about a simple little parent/teacher conference? AGH!!!!!!!

Sorry for the boring post. Just needed to do a quick update. Tomorrow's will be better! :)

Have a super day!

Peace out! (not sure why I put that--just thought it was funny--'cuz I'm a dork).

Word of the Day:
wheedle: HWEE-d'l; WEE-d'l
transitive verb:1. To entice by soft words or flattery; to coax. 2. To gain or get by flattery or guile.

If you would like to wheedle me that would be fine. Oooooo....better yet....maybe Katie's teacher will wheedle me at our parent/teacher conference! :) HA HA HA HA HA

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MommaAmma said...

I haven't had a parent/teacher conference yet but we did have a meeting with the pastor at Caleb's school who suggested we watch SUPER NANNY! I really don't think she has kids. Afterall, my son might also be high spirited and stubborn but would NEVER be that way in front of others!!! Right? Right?? Anyway, I'm sure Katie's teacher is just going to wheedle you until she can wheedle no more. Don't worry and remember, those high spirits and stubborness will come in quite handy some day!!