Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Light up Someone's Life

If you've been reading and following my blog, you've read about my big girl, Katie's, little friend Micah who was was in her pre-school class at the St. John Learning Center. He was diagnosed with leukemia back in June. So far he seems to be doing fairly well. Definitely has his 'downer' moments when they pump him full of cancer-bug eating medicines and he just generally feels like poo (that's putting it mildly). But he's a great kid and is keeping a great attitude and he's going to fight AND BEAT this mean 'ol cancer bug!

So Saturday was the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night walk and to show our support of Micah, Katie, Baby Lam and I went. Now, if you don't live here in Tulsa you probably don't realize that Hurricane Ike moved in on Saturday, so there was no walking going on. It became the Light the Night Sit In. But we still had a great time. Micah and Katie hadn't seen each other since June (because Micah can't really be around other kids too much) and they both giggled and sword fighted (with thier balloon swords) and jumped around all evening.

I'm not going to get all philosophical about how this has affected our lives and how I admire the courage of Micah's mom to get up each day, put a smile on her face and tell her precious child "we are going to beat this" and "we are going to have a tough day, but it's going to be okay." Me being philosophical isn't going to change things. What will change things is prayer. So my request today is please pray for Micah and his family. Please pray for peace of mind for Micah's family, for perfect healing of Micah, for pain-free days.

Katie and Micah

Micah getting ready to get Katie with his sword.

Katie sacrificing her poodle.
So, go...go light up someone's life. Whether it be a child fighting cancer/illness...a special needs child...and eldery person who is lonely. Go touch someone's life...don't do it for yourself, do it for them. Make their day! :)
Word of the Day
(Betcha didn't know this one, I mean, I bet you've heard of the word, but not this definition of it).
tattoo \ta-TOO\
noun: 1. A rapid, rhythmic drumming or rapping. 2. A beat of a drum, or sound of a trumpet or bugle, giving notice to soldiers to go to their quarters at night. 3. A display of military exercises given as evening entertainment.

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