Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Answer and a Little Prayer Request

Hi readers! First we'll start with the fun stuff! The answers to What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday just cracked me up! And I found them to be a bit surprising. I was bit shocked that most people would take their dream car going sllllooooowwww.

My answer: I would take the truck. I am ALWAYS late no matter where I go and I'm always rushing around to get there, so I just need to have transportation that can get me where I need to be quickly to catch up on time.

Thanks for playing...I'm working on next weeks question...stay tuned!

Now, for a quickie prayer request...could you please say a quick little prayer for my Katie. Don't worry...she's perfectly healthy and fine, but something will be happening in her classroom today that could potentially upset her and make several months of work and positive thinking go out the door for her. Those of you who know the situation probably know what I'm talking about, and I'm planning on doing a post about it tomorrow (since tomorrow is the last day of school) to fill everyone else in. But if you could just say a little prayer for Katie's happiness and no hurtful words from others, I would appreciate it.

Hope everyone has a peaceful, beautiful Thursday!


Baloney said...

You got it.
Hope everything goes well.
I will be praying.

MommaAmma said...

We're praying for her happiness. She's such a big spirit, I'm sure she'll be fine!