Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Teachers = Love

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week!

I am not a teacher.

I appreciate teachers more and more everyday.

I can't imagine being a teacher. Somedays I think I would love it, then other days I wonder how in the world those precious women and men do it.  As the child of a teacher, I always knew that teaching was important.  I graduated from high school, college, etc., so I have obviously had teachers that I loved (and others--not so much).  But since I've become a parent, I have a whole new respect and admiration for teachers.

What's my #1 problem with the teaching profession?  The pay.  I certainly can't talk intelligently on pay scales, etc. but what I do know is that I think we live in a mixed up world when a professional athlete is paid millions yet teachers are so underpaid that sometimes it takes a second job for them to make ends meet.  I'm pretty sure that Mr. All-Star Football player is not going to make the impact on my child's life that his/her teacher will.  And if Mr. All-Star Football player does make an impact on my child's life, it's probably not the kind of impact I'm hoping for. 

Teacher's come to school everyday, put on their smiling faces and meet a classroom full of little faces full of anticipation.  I have the luxury of going to my office, declaring that I've "had a bad morning" and shutting my office door.  Teachers can exactly say "don't talk to me Little Jimmy, I couldn't find my favorite skirt to wear and the baby spit up on me and there was a huge line at Starbucks and gas went up 10 cents, so I'm not in the mood to talk to anyone."  They put on their happy face and make Little Jimmy feel like he's the most important child in the class.  And these days, teachers don't just play the role of teacher, to some children they are a parent, doctor, friend, mentor, counselor.  Teachers are so important in our society.  They prepare our children for the future.  They can make the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

Now, I know there are many of you out there reading saying "my child has the worst teacher ever!"  Yep, they are out there, sorry to say.  But today I'm talking about the majority who give their heart and soul and money for our kiddos.

So in honor of my kids' teachers and to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, I would like to thank the three teacher's that have touched my kiddos and our family's lives this year.

Ms. Kelsey--oh my, can you imagine teacher six 20/24 month olds?  My, my, I sure can't.  I can hardly handle my one 20 month old (I do believe she's a little on the wild side).  Ms. Kelsey always, ALWAYS has a smile on her face and has a bounce in her step.  She greets Josie with an enthusiastic "good morning Josie" each time Josie goes to school.  Her creativity is displayed each day when Josie comes home with a new piece of artwork or special project she has made.  And everyday I get a handwritten note about exactly how Josie's day was.  Ms. Kelsey--we love you!

Ms. Jeanne--this wonderful, wonderful lady makes my Patrick so happy.  She is like leaving him with a grandmother.  Her soft, gentle voice and spirit calms my little guy and makes his transition from home to school easier.  She takes the time to learn about each child and his/her family.  She loves Patrick like he's her own and is very encouraging to him.  She teaches her students about the world, not just the ABC's.  We love Ms. Jeanne and cannot imagine our lives without her.

Mrs. Beers--this precious lady was placed into our lives by God.  Sending Katie to Kindergarten was a difficult decision for us (she's super young--the youngest Kindergartener) and I absolutely believe the success of Katie's year is because of the love and gentle guidance of Mrs. Beers.  She loves each of her students so dearly and makes each one feel like they are her favorite.  Her sweet little notes on their worksheets and encouraging notes home to mom and dad truly show that she is not only the best teacher ever, but also a woman of God.  Mrs. Beers has guided us through one of the most difficult decisions we've had to make regarding Katie's education (there is a post coming on this soon).  I'm already getting sad that our year with Mrs. Beers is coming to end.  We love you with all our hearts, Mrs. Beers and are truly blessed that God sent you to us. 

Remember to thank your child's teacher...just a little "thanks" goes a long way.

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Emily said...

As a teacher I can say that I'm sure your words mean the world to your kid's teachers. The best gift is being appreciated!