Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Where I'm From

Ok, this is going to be super fast because I have about 5 million things to do in the next hour before I have to be at Katie's school to lead her little Daisy Troop's April meeting. But I told Baloney that I'd do a post on "Where I'm From", so here ya go, quick and fast...

The red square is Kingman County, Kingman in smack in the middle
I grew up in a small town in southcentral Kansas called Kingman. Population...roughly around 4,000, give or take a few. There we about 100 kids in my high school graduation class. Wichita is about 45 minutes away, so we had easy access to things you could only get in a larger city.

Growing up in a small town was good...and bad. Some other time I'll go into the pros and cons of small town living. I had close friends, a wonderful loving family. I was raised with good, Christian moral values that I am instilling in my children. Growing up in a small town gives you a respect for people and human relationships that I think are often missed by growing up in a big city.

This is the Kingman County Museum--it was the original town fire station and city offices.
My hometown was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. I remember 5'+ snow drifts and I remember the bank thermometer reading 121 degrees (therefore there is nothing Oklahoma weather can throw at me that I don't know how to handle). Tornadoes? Yes, of course...it's Kansas...you know...Wizard of Oz. The main street and many of the side streets of Kingman are still red brick streets. A small down town has an old-timey theater with a marquee and a ticket booth. The courthouse take up one city block and is something out of a movie.

Here's the Kingman County Courthouse--isn't it quaint.
When I lived in Kingman I wanted to "move on" and get onto bigger things. But now I find many days where I long for the quietness of a small town and the slow pace. A place where how big of a house you have, what designer clothes you're wearing or the kind of car you drive really doesn't matter. What matters is a kind soul, gentle spirit and loving heart. Things that I believe are the most important.

Gotta go...little Daisies are waiting!


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great post.

I was in Kingman about a year ago, your sister and I exchanged facebook posts about how she grew up there. It looked like a nice little town.

The only things it lacks are a Quik Trip, Starbucks and a sign that says "Home of Amy and Alyssa." Maybe they have those by now?

Me and a coworker bought up all the Fat Tire beer in a liquor store there.

I'm a big rural Kansas fan. Don't live there but do business all over SW Kansas and I love Wichita.

Dawn said...

Thanks playing along Alyssa!
Loved your post. And, I absolutely love the old buildings in small towns. It looks like they've kept them in great shape

This was a fun read!

Baloney said...

I'm so glad you played along.
Yogi has been all over the place for his job. I'll bet Kingman had a geocache or two for him.
Have you read the book Scrambled States of America? Kansas is not happy. Cute book - you should read if you haven't.