Saturday, September 11, 2010

Adrienne in Morocco

(I did not take that photo, I don't know who did or I'd give them credit. But it wasn't me).

I thought I'd share a blog that you, my blog readers, might want to follow or just check out every now and then. My cousin, Adrienne, is leaving tomorrow for a 2 year stint in the Peace Corp. She's been assigned (or whatever the Peace Corp lingo is) to Morocco. Pretty sure she won't be hanging out in Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart or glamorously riding camels across the desert. I'm not really sure what she'll be doing, but I'm certain it won't be watching college football in the fall or hanging out at the country club pool in the summer.

Her blog is over there on my Blog Roll, but here's the address: Please check in with her every now and then. If you leave her a comment--which I hope you will, to help keep her from getting lonely and in touch with 'our' world--tell her how you found her so she knows where you're coming from.

Her adventures should be interesting to read for the next two years.

Love ya, Adrienne! I'll be thinking about you and praying for you!

Here's a pic of her with my kiddos last fall.


Beth Zimmerman said...

How very cool! My youngest is planning to live overseas full time after finishing college. He plans to go as a missionary. I always thought the Peace Corps sounded cool too!

Adrienne said...

Thanks Lys! I just realized this post was there :) And I love that picture - don't think I ever saw it after you took it. I miss you guys - so hard to imagine I won't see you for 2 years. Thanks for staying in touch!