Monday, September 27, 2010

McLinky Monday--What's Buggin' Ya?


I had so much fun McLinkin' it up last week, that I thought I'd give it another go 'round this week, too. Plus, I don't have another post ready at this time. And actually this week's question comes at an interesting time as I've been pretty darn tempted to give up blogging lately due to some blogs that aren't truthful. So, before I get into that, here's the question that was posed this week:

What is your Pet Peeve?

First let's start with an IRL pet peeve of mine. This totally chaps me every time time I see it...people who throw cigarette butts out their car windows. UGH--I hate that! Keep your nasty habit to yourself and in your own personal space and don't go junkin' up mine (and the rest of the world's) with your disgusting, stinky, grossness. Plus, it's not could start fires. So, if you are a smoker and are reading this...keep your stink to yourself. Thankyouverymuch.

I have other IRL pet peeves, but that one is always at the top of my list.

Now, onto my virtual pet peeve. The people who blog and are honest. I'm not talking about those crazies out there who blog with blatant lies. Those people are usually caught pretty quickly and called out on it. I'm talking about the ones who don't reveal the whole truth or are very vague about things or really over exaggerate things. In other words, these people are NOT keepin' it real. Listen...we all have made mistakes in our lives, none of us are perfect moms, etc. Just be real about it. I think it all ties back into that "perfectness" that Dawns Diversions blogged about a while ago. Trying to portray that you live (or have always lived) the perfect life. No one does. So let's just be who we are...the real who we are. There's nothing worse than meeting a fellow blogger IRL or hearing a story or something about another blogger, and you end up saying, "Huh? Really? That's not what he/she said and/or acted like on their blog."

So, let's keep the blog-o-sphere a peaceful, truthful place where when we read blogs we know that what we're reading is right on. And I promise that this is going to be the last time I write about this (I hope).

Love ya all! And don't throw your cigs out of the car window.


Real Housewives of Oklahoma said...

This is a pretty common discussion in the blogger world - what is the truth. I try to keep in mind that one's own perception of what happened is not always the perception of other's who were involved. Secondly, I know a lot of people are forced to edit their stories as to acknowledge the wishes of the people in their lives. Also, I think it's pretty common for people to exaggerate or talk about personal feelings about a situation that aren't obvious to other's in that person's life. Sure that can be interpreted as being dishonest, but perhaps for that author it is their version of the truth.

I don't know. I try to keep in mind that blogging is more about writing rather than journalism. It's about a story or a feeling, and not necessarily just about the facts. I hope that helps ease your irritation concerning your pet peeve.

Thanks for playing!

~~Mrs. McGillicutty

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Oh that's a good 1! It's always good to be truthful IRL or on a blog. I also want to say to all the cig throwers- 1st nasty 2nd -Only YOU can prevent forest fires -Just couldn't resist ;)

ShaRhonda said...

You don't have to worry about me and the cigs, I just wrote that I had a hidden childhood belief that they killed my grandparents and I was really being honest, while writing about my pet peeve of "Wienie's", seriously!

♥Mrs. Hart♥

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Hey, I'm a taxpayer. I'm not on social security yet nor on welfare so a portion of my taxes goes to picking up my cigarette butts. Besides you could smoke if you wanted to. You should light up and chill out a little, its just a cigarette butt. Its biodegradable.

And my life is perfect. I blog to model for other people how they should live and achieve the perfectness that my life has become.

Dawn said...

LOL, Yogi! He's so full of beans!

Thanks for the shout out. You KNOW I completely agree with you about the being real!!

And the cig thing is very dangerous!