Friday, September 10, 2010


Everyone knows I love me some Starbucks. I tried to give it up several months ago, but it just didn't work. It's not the caffeine I'm after, it's that shot of sweetness to get me started. So today after the awesome St. Mary pep rally (which was totally adorable, I might add), Josie and Patrick and I stopped by the 'Bucks to load ourselves up with sugary, chocolaty goodness. The kids were so good at the pep rally that I felt they needed to be rewarded with their favorite pumpkin bread and juice (and me too, I used my best behavior and didn't revert to my old cheerleader ways and start cheering and doing herkies and toe touches and cartwheels and what not...oh but did I ever want to).

ANYWAYS...I'm making a super short story kinda loooooooooong. So...the Starbucks guy asked me my name and I told him. We loaded up in the car and headed home. When we got home, about 30 minutes later I got a good giggle.

Look what he wrote on my cup for my name...

Hee hee

I'm famous!

And the Starbucks guy has a funny sense of humor. :)