Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It's tough being the youngest of 3. Just ask my Josie. That poor girl get lugged along to Girl Scouts, Tae Kwon Do, choir, dance...and she just goes along with it. It's hard when mommy is taking pictures of big sissy's first day of school and big brother's first day of preschool. She never gets a first. Or at least not for awhile.

Until today.

We decided that Josie needed something that was her special thing. So we enrolled her in Baby Big Girl Ballet ("I NOT a baby!"). Today was her first class.

And it was the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

Katie took ballet at this age (still takes it), but when we first enrolled her, it just didn't seem like ballet would be a good match for our dinosaur-loving, tiger-growling, big brother-wrestling little girl. Boy was I wrong. I loved seeing her being so in control and standing quietly and listening and being all girly (I think she liked being girly). Best of all, I loved that she knew that this activity was all hers, not something she's doing because she's being dragged there because of an older sibling.

I loved seeing this new side of my little firecracker!

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great story. I love how she is all composed and listening to what is going on.