Saturday, September 4, 2010

Only in Oklahoma #2--ALREADY!

Remember a couple days ago when I told you I'm going to start posting some "Only in Oklahoma" stuff. well state-mates are making this so easy for me! Some of my "OIO" post will be pics I snap when I see the bizzaro going on around me, but I'm a news junkie, so I often run across an article or news story that just makes me shake my head and say, "Only in Oklahoma."

This one come from our local CBS affiliate, KOTV's, website. I can proudly say, "THIS DID NOT HAPPEN IN MY CITY!" But OIO isn't "Only in Tulsa", it's "Only in Oklahoma."

So here ya go...enjoy the ridiculous, the insane...the Oklahomans.

Keep it classy, Oklahoma!

Oklahoma City Mom Crashes Birthday Party, Urges Daughter to Punch Girl in the Face

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City Police arrested a woman and her 9-year-old daughter after the pair crashed a birthday party and the mother urged her daughter to punch the birthday girl in the face.

Police say 33-year-old Gina Hinkle and her daughter were not invited to the Saturday birthday party for the 12-year-old girl. The victim's parents said Hinkle stormed into their northwest Oklahoma City home and began yelling at another child who was a friend of both Hinkle's daughter and the birthday girl.

Witnesses said Hinkle was apparently upset because the girl had decided to attend the party, even though Hinkle's daughter hadn't been invited. When the victim's parents told Hinkle to leave, Hinkle refused and yelled at her own daughter to "stand up for yourself and do something."

Witnesses said that's when Hinkle's daughter punched the birthday girl in the eye.

Hinkle and her daughter then left the party, and the victim's parents called police. Hinkle was arrested at her house in the 4200 block of N. Pennsylvania Avenue. She's been charged with burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Hinkle's 9-year-old daughter was cited for assault and battery and released to a relative.

The victim had some bruising and swelling around her eye, but was not seriously hurt.

The victims told police they had a history of problems with Hinkle. They said they even moved to a different neighborhood to get away from Hinkle.


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