Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Would You Rather Do Wednesday?--Cookin' or Cleanin'

This is the time of year where there is a lot of cooking, baking, cooking, baking...and cleaning going on. So for today's What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday I'd like to know which you'd prefer. I know the obvious answer would be the cooking the meals, but some people just don't like to cook, so I want to know you would rather do:

What Would You Rather Do?

Cook the Christmas dinner to be served to the whole family


Clean up the kitchen after the meal has been cooked.

Now I'm hungry, I think I'll go make some of the fudge that I posted on Monday.


MommaAmma said...

As much as I love cleaning I'd pick cooking because you narrowed the cleaning to cleaning the kitchen and baked on yuck is no fun to clean!

Now I want to dream up my menu for this year. If I were really awesome I'd dream up a tablescape but I'm no Sandra Lee.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I always wash the dishes after both Thanksgiving and Christmas meals (and the rest of the year also). Have you ever noticed that whoever is doing the dishes doesn't get messed with?

Baloney said...

Why do I always end up doing both?!