Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Would You Rather Do Wednesday?--Christmas Trees?

It seems that everyone is or has taken down their Christmas tree (except us, not for awhile over here, thankyouverymuch). So for today's What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday, I ask you this:

What Would You Rather Do?

Decorate the tree


Undecorate the tree

Whaddya think?

Now for Name That Tune!

Impulsive=4 (I think she may have this wrapped up unless one of you can make a strong come back)

Here's today's lyric (this is for you Yogi--surely you can get this!):

"Say your prayers little one, don't forget my son, to include everyone."

Leave me a comment and tell me what it is!


Dawn said...


And, I think it takes MUCH longer putting the tree up then it does taking it down.

I hate, and I mean HATE, fluffing the damn tree. Ha!

However, I enjoy hanging the ornaments.

I'm so glad to have all our Christmas stuff down and packed away. I'm getting to be more and more like my mother.

MommaAmma said...

Oh yes, that's Enter Sandman. Nick likes them. I'm more of a ballads girl.

I like decorating once Nick has the tree cut and in the stand. We do have 1 tree up so I'm only half clean freak!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You shouldn't be asking guys that question.

Impulsive Addict said...

Sandman is a pretty good song. I listened to it ALOT in the 90's and I think I'm over it. Too bad I didn't get here in time. That was the easiest one yet!

I would rather decorate the tree fo sho! It makes me smile. Taking it down makes me sad.