Monday, July 20, 2009

Pink Power!

I haven't done too much shopping for myself in the last 6 years lately.  Any extra "shopping" money I have usually goes to contribute towards my kiddos wardrobes.  In the case of the past few weeks it has all gone towards birthdays (and Baby Lam's is coming up in 4 weeks).  I'm in pretty desperate need of a wardrobe make-over.  Lately I've been trying to pick up things now and again.  But the other day, I noticed I have a problem...

...a problem with pink.

Here are some of the things I've picked up in the 1-2 months.

A couple pink t-shirts
A bright pink scarf
Katie needed some new sneakers, so I got her some PINK ones.
Another pink t-shirt
Work out shorts--they're black, but there were many options for the accent color (white, red, yellow, black), I chose pink.
Pink golf hat
There are several other things I've purchased--and they were pink, too.  I have to admit that pink is my most favorite color.  It's my signature color (I said that even before the movie Steel Magnolias came out).  Even as a little girl.  My room was done with pink floral wall paper, pink & white bedspread.  I would do my current bedroom in pink, but I don't think WM would appreciate it.  I love pink.  But I'm beginning to think I need to branch out a little.

Guess what the next most popular color in my wardrobe is?


But we established early on that I'm weird.

Power to the Pink People!


MommaAmma said...

I love that you have a signature color. One that represents a good cause too! I get "stuck" with a color I love just about every season. So I might buy a few pieces in that color and wear them all the time and forget I have a closet with other clothes in it. I agree pink is the prettiest color and has so many wonderful variations. Yea for pink!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I love it. At least you know what you like.

paperdoll said...

I love all the pink! Oh and I LOVE Mamma Mia too! I already Netflixed that one again this summer. Congrats on the big decision!