Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday

For today's What Would You Rather Do? Wednesday...let's think food...

Would you rather be allergic to flour


allergic to sugar?

I have no food allergies and neither do any of my kids.  I just thought it would be interesting to see what more people would be willing to live without.

Have a Happy Wednesday!


MommaAmma said...

Cruel! Couldn't you say peanuts (easy one for us!) Hmm, everything has flour. Sugar is my main food group.

I guess I'll have to go with sugar. Then I'll take classes on how to cook without flour. At least I'll have my morning syrup, er um coffee.

Viva Cuervo said...

Tough call. MommaAmma is right...flour is in virtually everything. Guess I'll have to choose to be allergic to sugar.

Actually, if I had a sugar allergy now it might save me some unwanted calories!

Baloney said...

Sugar allergy would be fantastic! I have a sugar "sensitivity" now but that's never stopped me.

I'm thinking sugar substitutes are better than flour subs. The world is already adapting for diabetics.