Saturday, July 25, 2009

Whoops...Here's My Answer

Whoops...I forgot to give you my answer from the last two What Would You Rather Do? Wednesdays.  So let's get caught up...

Allergic to flour or sugar??

I would choose to be allergic to flour.  Sugar is just in everything and so many people have gluten allergies these days that I think I could find some pretty good recipes that would not involve flour.  It would be tough--but I just can't give up the sugar.

Now...would I rather run 10 miles or bike 50 miles?

It was unanimous among you commentors that you would all rather bike.  I'm not just going against the grain here, but I would rather run the 10 miles.  Sure, I'd have to stop and walk A LOT...but I don't think you realize how hard it is to bike 50 miles.  Plus, I don't think any of you know this but I have bike 'issues'.  As long as I'm going, I'm fine.  It comes to the stopping part.  For some reason, I cannot stop without falling over and hurting myself.  It happens every time I stop.  I tip over and end up bruising and scraping myself all up.  It's a real problem to not be able to stop, unless you're riding in the Tour de France, where you don't have to stop (until the end where there are people to stop you).  

And I'm not riding in the Tour de France.

At least not this year.

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