Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas, 1975

It's finally December, therefore, I can now get out the Christmas decorations and starting blogging about Christmas. I'm one of those hold-outs who thinks Christmas starts AFTER Thanksgiving. Each holiday needs to have it's day...give poor ol Thanksgiving a break...celebrate her and all her glorious, food-filled goodness.

Anyway...I digress. We went home to my hometown/parents for Thanksgiving and I ran across the below picture.
This is my sister and I--probably Christmas 1975 (could be '76 but I don't think so, my hair style is SO '75). I'm the one standing-my older sister is sitting. Looking at this photo...I'm wondering how I grew up to be normal. Maybe I'm not normal. My good, dear friend Susie like to tease me about how I dress my girls alike for special occasions...Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, 2nd Tuesday of the month (just kidding on that one...kind of). But as you can see from this photo, it's genetic. My mom dressed my sister and I in matching outfits for MANY years. These particular dresses had our names on them. In case we got our matching dresses mixed up, or our great-grandmother couldn't tell us apart. Who needs name tags when you've got your name sewn on your dress in huge letters?

How 'bout that rocking gold carpet and drapery?

And I know that your jealous of my bangs!
Call yourself lucky that you can't see our shoes. Pretty awesome that we had long dresses on, huh?
Man, my dork-hood started early. I look like the biggest DORK!

Merry Christmas from 1975.


@nnie said...

I had to click on your blog from Baloney's because I saw a little thumbnail of this picture and I am telling you, I have one that is nearly identical to that of my sister and I taken in around 1975. Matching dresses (yes, long and gingham). Gold shag carpet. Same hairdos. The only difference I see is that I was the OLDER sister and that we were holding Raggedy Ann dolls instead of those Chucky looking things in your picture. Great post! and have a wonderful December!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Nice picture. You haven't changed a bit!