Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Twins, circa 1973ish

In a post while back I mentioned that I dress my two girls alike...a lot. And especially for holidays like Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, St. Patrick's Day, etc. And usually Patrick has is matching shirt or sweater vest. This year he has a matching sweater. I've got all the outfits ready to go. Photos will be taken and shared...pending no one spills or throws up (last year Patrick threw up all over himself and Katie and the car and the Walgreens parking photos from last Christmas).

Now...when we were at my mom's over Thanksgiving I was looking through old photos and discovered my need to dress my children in matching outfits truly is genetic.

Therefore, I'm going to swallow my pride and share just a few of the photos of my sister (who is 19 months OLDER than me) when we were younger. (Note: these photos are a bit blurry and ragged...someone in my family wasn't that great of a photog. Sorry...I think you'll get the gist).

Also, just for the record...I was an ugly baby/little girl.

Here we go...

I think this is either Easter or my aunt's wedding (we were flower girls). But we matched...even the ribbons in our hair.

This is just probably some random Saturday afternoon. But we...matched. (Seriously, look how much cuter my sister is than me).

Christmas 197???. Not exactly matching, but coordinating. That's my mom sitting, how cute was SHE? And young. Dang, I wish I had that thick, dark hair. (My sister and I defined the term 'mini' skirt/dress, huh)?
This plumb cracks me up. My sister was so much cuter than me that this is my revenge. Hee hee. Not really, I'm not a revengeful type. It's just funny. And we match, except I'm not picking my nose. And I'm not as cute as her. Oh--and that's my mom, again. Beautiful!

Still, I have the best sister ever, EVER! She brought me Starbucks this morning! I got to have my Starbucks in my jammies!!! Seriously...betcha wish you had a sister like her!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I think all three of you girls (you, sister and mom) are pretty darn cute.